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Researcher's Obligation/Research Supervision

Researcher's Obligation & Research

The researcher shall have to stay in touch with the Director of the Center during the course of the project.

The researcher shall have to appear in person for the interview/discussion on the synopsis.

The researcher shall have to appear before the review board of the Center in the 4th month of the work, and provide the details of progress in the work.

Researchers may avail the opportunity work at CRPS, Baramulla or may work at a place of his/her own choice as per their convenience. The residential facility shall be subject to the availability of space at the Center.

Research Supervision:

CRPS, Baramulla shall appoint the research supervisors to the researchers. The Research Supervisor may be a person from CRPS Baramulla or a field expert. The supervision shall be limited to advisory and guidance. The Director shall decide about the qualification of the supervisor in any particular case.

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