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WorkshopConcept Note Short Duration


In academics, research is necessary to examine facts and value an idea. It is to critically evaluate the different facets of professional, educational and academic work. An enquiry is set up and a systematic approach is employed to solve a problem and produce the knowledge. Research is a process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting information to answer questions. The essential element of research is to adopt appropriate methods and tools to reach the proper outcomes. The outcomes of the research add to the existing knowledge and help in policy making in the different aspect of public sectors. Good research plays an important role in documenting history, examining the present and guiding the future. It nourishes the culture of knowledge and leads to capacity building. The research institution by the name, ‘Center for Research and Policy Studies’, Baramulla (CRPS) affiliated to Idarah Falahu-Darien, Baramulla has been dedicated to ensuing and supporting research and its related activities with following scope and objectives: a. To develop better understanding of contemporary issues in the Islamic framework. b. To promote studies on Islamic sciences integrated with the fields of contemporary humanities, social sciences and modern scientific and intellectual thought. c. To focus on new ideas and methodologies that may potentially stimulate the reform and policy making for the needs of regional Muslim population. d. To sponsor researches on analysing the socio-religious phenomenon and community studies and develop a road map for advancement of knowledge and empowerment of Muslims. e. To pursue publication of research papers, policy analysis, case studies, newsletters, journals and books of particular significance in accordance with above mentioned aims and objectives. CRPS-Workshop CRPS is organising its first workshop on the theme of ‘Research Methodology and Report Writing’. The purpose is to engage in an academic exercise and workout the meaning and aims of research and the ways to take it to the public domain. The workshop moderators, Dr. Navshad Ahmad Wani, Assistant Professor, GDC, Baramulla and Dr. Tauseef, Ahmad Parray, Assistant Professor, GDC Pulwama shall take the participants through the methodology of research and its reporting. They shall lecture and explain through worksheets, the domain of their themes. The selected gathering of participants would receive a research report a week before the date of workshop. They shall study the reports at home and will be asked to analyse the given reports in the light of the presentations made at the workshop. The moderators and the participants shall then engage each other and discuss the adopted methodologies and pattern of reporting in the given papers. The workshop shall be expected to engage experts with participants on the research methodology and report writing, and workout the practical approaches for the same. The purpose is to provide inputs to participants on developing theoretical and methodological framework of their research questions and research design, and to empower them to organize their work into writing papers for publication.

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